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Our Story

Koa Lua is a fresh and new twist on the traditional Hawaiian
poke bowl, transporting you to the islands with its fresh poke bowls,
tiki-inspired design, and overall tropical-themed restaurant.


By bringing the west coast
trend to the east coast, koa
lua has seen tremendous
success in the local market.
With its unique design that
indulges the senses, koa
lua immediately transports
you to Hawaii with everything
from décor and music
to scents and flavours.

& Design

By maintaining a highly
designed visual aesthetic, Koa
Lua has become a recognizable
brand due to everything
from the tropical décor
and stylized poke bowl menu.


By popping up a Koa Lua in a
new area, the community will
benefit from a unique
experience of Hawaiian
flavours as well as a warm
and friendly atmosphere.


Koa Lue believes in taking the
restaurant business back to
its roots by creating an
intimate culture that feels
welcome for each guest. Part
of the experience is to feel a
part of the Koa Lua family.

& Menu

A subtle fusion of authentic
Hawaiian ingredients mixed
with international elements
to serve up balanced and
flavourful poke bowls.


Koa Lua restaurants offer a
gourmet experience at
accessible pricing without
compromising on the quality
of products.

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